Sunday, February 5, 2012

Paid To Post

              My people of naija, i am constantly working day in and out to make sure i get things right before coming here to share it with you on this site, i have a new way of making money online with ease, but, this is not free so that you can cherish it and take it serious. This is easy to deal with if you have a Liberty Reserve account or if you have Alertpay account. This is how you people who are ready to start making money online with their alertpay and liberty reserve and also to your Nigerian local bank account e.g  GTB, FBN, BankPHB etc.

What service are we going to do or render? yes, you will do little work called  Paid to Post.  This is a guaranteed means of earning money online without having a website and the good part about it also is that you can do it with your phone! is that not amazing?

What am simply going to do is that i will give you four best and high-paying tested websites where you get paid to post just like the way you post on facebook and other websites, no more wasting time do it and get paid doing it.

These websites pay between 0. 05 cents to 0. 15 cents per post.  Do not be deceived by the cents, let me explain this to you, for instance, if you spend 2 to 4 hours everyday, this is what you will make below;

First website pays 0. 15 cents per every post, then if you Post 50 posts daily that is easy $7. 5 dollars.  You will be paid through liberty reserve and Alertpay. It is that simple

Second website pays 0. 05 cents per post and if you can post 50 posts daily, that is $2. 5, this also pay to Liberty reserve and Alertpay.

Third site pay 0. 05cents daily and with 50 posts per day that is a cool $2. 5 daily.

Forth site is the same too.

Total money you make per day is $12. 5 exchanging it to Naira at N160 for $1 that is a cool N2000 daily.  And you are spending just 2 hours to 4 hours to get this. Please make sure you add this to what you do online.

If you want to get the websites and the details of how to withdraw this money to your local bank pay N2,500 and you WILL make your money back same day.  No Story.
               BANK NAME : GTB
               ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0024839719

After payment text 'PTP', Teller number, your name and your email address to 08184783892  or jhado4real@gmail. com as I receive your text I will send it to you immediately.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

             Hello! to you all out there, how are you coping with your world? Am sure you are as determined as you have always been, making money on the internet is sure not a myth, you do not have to be an alien and you don't need to be a super human before you make cool money on the internet. All you need is the informantions that can transform your financial status, and am willing to give out my experince on my blog by giving you e-books that will explain everything that needs explaining.
            Am willing to share with you the experince i have gathered over the years on internet businesses that can fetch you good amount of money. Please do not hesitate to contact me on  +2348184783892 or Ciao! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

           I will like to first say Happy Sunday! to you all. The Lord has been good to my life and i believe you are experiencing the same, i have recieved calls from different individuals asking me about facebook business and a whole lots more. Today am going to inform everyone that there are somany other ways to make money legitimately on the internet and i have books that can help you understand how to do them and achieve from them.

Today i will tell you the full package i have for you, my package consist of the following e-books;






 If you are intrested in the following e-books, just give me a call and i will tell you what to do to get them and start making money with them.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Facebook Wealth

                I use to take it as a joke and deceit when i started hearing from friends that i can actually make money with a social media giant like facebook. I lived with that mind that its all just a joke, until....... i decided to take a bold look at it and....... it became a big blow on me that i have been missing out. Immediately i purchased the e-book, i digested it and released that i have been wrong all along. Prior to that time, facebook to me and also to many users, is a great site to meet friends, family and mingle with business associates. It is really a good thing to meet new people, make friends all around the globe, share ideas, meet your partner, chat, but there is a lot more to learn about this same facebook than just making friends.

               I have the facebook e-book that will teach you great things on how to promote your business, close deals with people anywhere without any physical contact....... Isn't that wonderful? Well, i have to also include that this e-book is okay for all facebook users all around the universe, all you need to do is digest the e-book like i did then you are ready and qualified to start a new thing with your facbook account.

               To get this e-book all you have to do is send me a mail requesting for facebook wealth to or you can call me on +2348184783892. I will reply and let you know how to get the e-book.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Facebook Wealth

            Knowledge they say, is power. We all have to understand that the only thing that will pave ways to success is being knowledgeable, i use to say this "what you know is what you know and what you don't know, you don't know" my brothers and sisters, do you know that you can make money from your popular social media site..... "facebook"?

            Facebook has been a source of information and also a source of income for so many individuals, if you are willing to partake in this information am about to share with you, then you should be glad, if you possess a facebook account then you should be double glad. If you do not have a facebook account, then quickly get one free of charge on With this facebook wealth formular, you are sure of making money on the internet through your facebook account which has been limited to just making friends, chatting and some other means which keep friends and family together, but, here comes an added advantage, which is: make money with facebook as you also keep friends and family together.

           I can boldly say that with this formula, in 30 days you are sure of making at least 50k to yourself. You see, i believe that is a good bargain and an added advantage. All you need to have is a facebook account, an hour or more on the internet daily, you have to devote your time, in other words, put aside all your internet dealings for at least 30 days to understand how this will work for you and how you can easily earn from it. This same facebook formula has been giving some people the sum of  #200,000 monthly, while some make up to $10,000, isn't that amazing??? 

          You also can do the same, all you need is my e-book which will put you through and help you in every little step needed to start earning your own money with this same facebook, don't just chat, don't just make friends alone, make money with it. i believe that's wise and i know you are also wise. Take the bold step today and am sure you wont regret it.  

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Blessed NaijaLand

         Happy new year to everyone! 

        Am glad we are here in 2012, this year promises to be better that the previous year. I am REALLY GLAD to welcome everyone to this blogsite, as we all know the site belong to Nigerians and friends of Nigeria in general. Here what we do is to give you updates on what is happening around Nigeria and the world inclusive.

        Business men and women and also entrepreneurs in Nigeria will agree with me when i say business in Nigeria will take another turn this year, reason been that there is a little change in our economy and the gradual removal of fuel subsidy will have great effect on our daily deals and activities from now on as there is now change in virtually everything around us. Looking positively on the fuel subsidy removal will help every individual cope with the change and at the same time... Keep the fire burning in you, the fire to succeed is all that is required to acquire something great this year. 
        The internet is a key to different opportunities and all over the years i have carried out so many research and i have discovered a lot on the internet. With this powerful means(internet) you can make a lot of things happen in your world only if you know how and if you have all it takes to excel. I am ready to let all my cats out of my big bag and all you have to do is read on.
Always visiting this site will help you in getting the latest info on how to find legitimate and proven ways of making money on the internet. Everyday on the internet you will come across different ways within which you will find many ways, some works while so many do not yield anything after expenses and so much time on the internet. But all am going to be giving you are all good and cool ways to make cooooooooooooool cash on the internet.......

       It is conspicuous that what is required from you to attain a great position in life is the FIRE IN YOU, the ZEAL to achieve greatness is all you need and with determination and persistence, you will possess what you strive for. I am determined to help you in anyway possible to put you through and give you all the TKH (Technical Know How) that will assist in building your business. Over the years, i have been able to build my self and my business on the internet, i have to let you know that the voyage has been REAAAAAAAAALY hectic and ruff, whao! wish i had someone to put me through then, but all the same, am sharing this so that you wont go through what i went through.  

I have e-books that will guide and teach you on how you can easily make money on the internet, but, i need to add that you have to be ready to work for it, remember, nothing good comes for free, many believe they can make millions over-nite on the internet, but they are far from the truth. I have different ways with which you can make money on the internet, but you have to put in your best, work for few hours and gradually build your pocket financially, i repeat, nothing good comes for free. With the experience i have gathered and the success i have made and still making, there are good, easy, simple ways you can make money on the internet, ranging from facebook, forex, youtube to the likes of information marketing, soccer betting, google adword and adsense, sales and advert on the internet to mention few.

        The e-books will help you in every inch by guiding you step by step and all you have to do is take those steps and Yahooooo! you get result........

                    send a mail to - or call +2348184783892

just send me a mail or give me a call then we work together on the type of business that will suit your timing and the one you will be capable of handling. I will guide you all the way and make sure you start earning before i let you go, sounds nice rite, yeah, that's how i work and help you build yourself. 


 On this site you get latest news on:






Contact me for Crude oil sales, AGO sales and above all i have oil blocks in Nigeria for genuine buyer and investors.

OML 109 (Oil Mining Lease)

This has 11 wells and 5 wells are available to the prospective investors at $170million per well, i.e.,Eight Hundred Million USD Dollars ($850,000,000.00)
  1. Prospective INVESTOR should carry out due diligence and investigations with the relevant Nigerian Government agencies vis NNPC (Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation) and DPR (Department of Petroleum Resources – an agency of NNPC)
  2. Prospective Investor should then study relevant documentation on the block as to suitability for their investment purposes.
  3. When the Investor is convinced that they are Ready, Willing and Able to make the investment and are irrevocably committed to make the investment, then they should write a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the following pertinent information:
§  The percentage equity they wish to acquire.
§  The investor should state clearly any question/s they may have in respect to the blocks in question.

OPL 233 (Oil Prospecting License) shallow waters 30M

1.                 Prospective INVESTOR should carry out due diligence and investigations with the relevant Nigerian Government agencies vis NNPC (Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation) and DPR (Department of Petroleum Resources – an agency of NNPC).

2.                 Prospective Investor(s) should then study relevant documentation on the block as to suitability for their investment purposes.

3.                 When the Investor is convinced that they are Ready, Willing and Able to make the investment and are irrevocably committed to make the investment, then they should write a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the following pertinent information:

§  The percentage equity they wish to acquire. The cost is US$5,000,000 per each 1% (five million US dollars/1%). This being true for 1%-20% equity. If the Investor wishes to take over the block (ie 100%) then the price shall be US$750,000,000 (Seven hundred and fifty million dollars) instead of US$500m. The reasons for increase I mentioned to you already,  and would be explained in details by the block owners.

§  The investor should state their Bankers, Bank Officer’s Name, Telephone Number and Official Email Address and authorize that a “soft probe” be conducted with the Bank in order to ascertain the Potential Investor’s financial capability for this transaction.(please note that your account numbers and account balance NOT required!).

§  ALTERNATIVELY the investor may wish to attach a Bank reference letter (to their LOI) stating without disclaimer that the investor has the financial capability to make the purchase and further develop the Oil Block
4.                 The OWNER of the block is NIGDEL UNITED OIL COMPANY LIMITED. The Letter of Intent should be written to AFRICA ENERGY SA NIGERIA LIMITED, through: Dr. Olufemi Suleiman.

5.                 Please note that another potential investor has already written through us stating their intention for outright purchase, but has yet to prove their Financial Capability and as such the block is still open for negotiation. If your CLIENT is able to write and convey a confirmable commitment to pay as in 3. above, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, then they have greater chances of closing this deal. If the previous potential investor should prove their capability FIRST, then the offer closes.

6.                 When the investor’s Financial Capability is ascertained,  (soft probe carried out at the investor’s Bank or Bank Reference confirmed) then the investor shall be immediately invited over to meet the BLOCK OWNER(S) FOR FINAL DISCUSSIONS AND CLOSING OF THE DEAL.


                for more info send a mail to - or call +2348184783892


Whoa! I can now browse free with my GLO sim card on my phone and laptop without any software and complicated means. When I was thinking on what to post this morning, I thought in myself that I should help my fellow Nigerians out by giving them the secret am using to browse freely on my PHONE and PC.

GLO is one of the biggest telecommunication networks in Nigeria and it is owned by a black man. For some years now, people finds it difficult to browse freely using this network, but today, I will explain everything to you on how to do it yourself. Below are the measures you will take to browse free of charge on your mobile phone and pc with GLO network.

To activate your sim to browse on GLO network, you will send ACTIVATE to 127 through SMS. If you want your GLO line to be configured, send “internet Your Phone Model” to 1234. E.g. Internet Nokia 6300 as sms to 1234.

To start downloading and surfing free on your mobile phone using GLO network, configure your phone as explain below:


Port: 3130

Apn: glomms

username: wap or leave blank

password: wap or leave blank


Once your phone is configured as explained above, you will be able to access the internet freely on your mobile phone without using airtime. Start enjoying internet on your mobile phone without passing through any proxy site.
I have test this trick on my phone and it works wella. Though am using it with my default web browser.

Let me go straight to business. Browsing free on your PC is in two categories. The first category are those people using modem (e.g. mtn fast link, glo net pro and whatever modem you are using) while the second category are people using their mobile phone to connect to the internet as modem. I will try to explain this clearly to these two categories of people.

The First Category (People Using Modems)
If you are using your modem to connect, create a new browsing profile on your modem software tab with the access point “gloms”

The Second Category (People Using Phone as Modem)
If you are among the people using phone as modem, just connect your phone to your pc, launch your pc suite and configure it manually using “glomms’ as access point.

After you have configure the device you want to use to connect, open your Mozilla Firefox, go to tools ==> Option ==> settings ==> network settings.
Click on manual proxy connection
Use proxy: &
Port: 3130

Save your settings and start browsing free on your computer. Am using this tweak on my laptop now. I use it to post this. The only means you can be of help JUST NAIRA is by sharing and telling your friends about us. For more info use the comment box. In case you don’t understand this very well, I can send you a free pictorial guide on how to configure your computer. Enjoy it while it last.

  for more info send a mail to - or call +2348184783892 

          remember to visit us from time to time to get updates on latest free browsing and many more freebies...........

If you cant have the best then make the best out of what you have....